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Welcome to Canberra's CD mastering studio. I also do audio production for clients across the arts and have a long term interest in innovative sound design and recording.

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  • "I've listened to the CD through a variety of speakers and am really happy with how it's translated across each one. I've submitted the Gracenote ID's and am working towards getting everything sent off for duplication. Thanks again for your help on this project, your work has seriously improved the sound of the tracks, and the EP's exceeded my initial expectations." Tim Winterflood

    "Both Matt and I have listened to our recording and we think it sounds great. We think you did a really great job of giving it a cohesive sound and giving a professional polish to our songs. We had a great time working in the studio with you and look forward to doing it again sometime." Brian Madl, Letterism

    "Working with Kimmo on the mastering of my first full-length album was a great experience. Professionally, he was able to translate my thoughts about the desired texture of the sound into reality, a silky sounding pop album which pumps! His own personal touches to aspects of the sound were also invaluable. Personally, Kimmo was a pleasure to work with. His gentle, friendly and focused nature allowed me to relax and feel comfortable in every discussion we had (over the phone from Canberra to Sydney). Highly recommended." Matthew Best (BACHUS)

    "Working with Kimmo was a great pleasure! Not only did he master my album to a highly professional standard, but he also talked me through the processes while I sat in on the sessions. Consequently it was a real learning experience for me, and I felt like I also had creative input. Will be recommending you to others, as you were to me!" Hugo Lee

    "Kimmo Vennonen's sound design is a harbinger of mood with funky jazz to contemplative cicadas" Adrienne Gross' review of "Cold Light", Australian Stage 6 Mar 2017

    "a stunning soundscape by Kimmo Vennonen" Canberra Critics Circle review of "The Faithful Servant" 9 Sep 2016