I have been talking with people about sound, and getting them to try things, since the 1990s. Training is a small but valued part of what I do.

Starting in community radio, this expanded to teaching for the Canberra Institute of Technology, ANU School of Music and now convening Sound Design & Production for the University of Canberra. Separately, I seem to always be in fortnightly or weekly contact with one or two people, helping then achieve their specific goals. Usually that's with their own equipment.

Although I may be training specific skills or applications, it all keeps coming back to the basics of sound engineering, which has never changed much. We still have microphones, speakers, mixers, amplifiers, equalisers, compressors, time delays... Our interfaces are different to fifty years ago but physics is the same. Likewise with the concept of signal flow - understand that and a lot simplifies. And knowing something about psychoacoustics, how the brain hears and discriminates, is important too.

The more I explain or demonstrate, the more I learn. I enjoy talking to groups, underlining structured content with my experience in the world of audio. And one to one training at its best is about dialogue, drawing out innate talents, shining a light, asking questions that enable somebody to discover their own answers. Every situation and person is different. If I can help I will, if I can't I might know somebody else in my network who can.

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