sound design

From early days building unique electronic instruments, to advanced 3D sound studies at the Australian National University and decades of spinning textures for theatre, I keep being interested in innovative soundscapes. Here's some recent highlights...

2010 MEAA ACT Green Room Award for “outstanding contribution of creative and innovative sound design"
2010 original composition for Janine Ayres Dance piece, Garema Place
2010 live performance on feedback machine at Smiths Bookshop
2010 Canberra Youth Theatre's "Retrieval" at the National Library of Australia
2011 “Cordelia” at the Street Theatre
2011 "Beautiful", a short film by Caro Roach & Genevieve Clay
2012 "Pearl vs the World" at the Courtyard Studio
2012 Greg Lissaman's "Rolling Home" at the Courtyard Studio and Riverside Theatres Parramatta
2013 "Vox Nautica" a Denise Higgins & Gary Smith installation at ANCA Gallery (pictured)
2014 "Bartleby" by Julian Hobba at the Street Theatre
2014 "Where I End & You Begin" by Cathy Petocz at the Street Theatre
2014 "Anthology" an outdoor show/installation by Louise Morris & Pip Buining at Westlake
2015 "All This Living" by Camilla Blunden at the Street Theatre
2015 "The Barbed Maze" a Denise Higgins & Gary Smith installation at Canberra Contemporary Art Space
2015 "Ghosts in the Scheme", a Big hART production at Canberra Theatre
2016 "Antigone" mentoring & additional sound design for Canberra Youth Theatre
2016 "The Faithful Servant" by Tom Davis at the Street Theatre
2016 3D Caucasus recordings & soundscape for "The Julfa Project", Australian Catholic University, exhibited Rome
2016 bird recording & sound design for choral work "Lanterns" by Stephen Leek, Belconnen Arts Centre
2017 "Cold Light" by Frank Moorhouse at the Street Theatre
2017 live feedback performance with visual artist David Keany at Soundscapes 9, Smiths Bookshop

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